We offer a wide variety of services to help businesses of all stages achieve extraordinary results

Organizational Culture Consulting

New skills, frameworks, and tools can be helpful, but when you want to fundamentally change the way your organization works, Dr. Kelly will help you reshape and reimagine the culture of your organization. 

Whether you want to create a strong in-house culture, redesign your organizational structure, or examine your overall business strategy, Kelly Leadership Group, LLC can develop a plan – with concrete objectives and specific exercises – created with the nuances of your organization and strategy in mind. 

Staff Professional Development

Staff professional development is often overlooked and underappreciated as a recruitment and employee retention tool. 

Staff professional development enables employees to perform more effectively in their current positions while also preparing them for advancement within the organization.

It can also help attract top job candidates, retain your best workers, and identify leaders within your team. 

Bottom line, investing in your team benefits everyone. 

1 – 1 Executive Coaching

Save time with customized leadership coaching personalized to your goals and needs. 1-1 Executive Coaching helps you hone your personal leadership style, realize your potential, and expand your impact.

Work 1:1 with Dr. Alonzo Kelly, a leader with years of experience to: 

  • Develop leadership skills to enhance your impact within your current position and beyond. 

  • Prepare for a desired promotion or career move

  • Inspire the best of others while building a high-performing team

Keynote Speaker

There is an art to finding the perfect keynote speaker to headline your event as they need to blend motivation with education while getting your event attendees excited for everything to come. The right keynote speaker will help dictate the energy and encompass the theme of your event by motivating, engaging and empowering your audience with their message. Harness the power of an enticing and accomplished speaker with Dr. Kelly and let him help take your event to the next level.

Breakout Presenter

As a Breakout Presenter Dr. Kelly facilitates in-depth discussions, and offers event attendees a break from passive listening. While the Keynote Speaker focuses on the overall theme of an event or conference, a successful Breakout Presenter focuses on specific topics or skills, often times in a more interactive way, to smaller groups.

Breakout sessions, meetings, or workshops are short meetings within a larger where attendees have the opportunity to participate in smaller sessions to complete an activity or listen to a presentation on a specific topic. The more intimate setting of breakout sessions minimize distractions while facilitating meaningful discussions among participants.

Retreat Facilitation

Retreats are an ideal way to reflect, reset, and recharge by getting away from the daily grind and offering an opportunity to focus on self-discovery, relaxation, and personal growth.

Selecting the right person to facilitate your retreat can make the difference in having a meaning and successful experience and achieving identified goals.

An experienced retreat facilitator can provide structure, guidance and support while helping your team achieve their goals while creating a supportive and safe environments for them to explore new ideas and perspectives.