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Taking a Reality Check on Yourself

“Reality is a merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” ~ Albert Einstein


My mom always says you are a reflection of the company you keep.  If that’s true, let me tell you what I see when I look in the mirror.  I see intelligence, confidence, and someone trustworthy.  I see someone who can’t stand foolishness and has more immediate things to worry about than some golfer with private problems.

I also see a procrastinator, a master at giving advice but not always following it, and a proud individual who can’t stand it when proven wrong.  The male company I keep wear suits and power ties to work that say, “Today, more than any other day, I mean business.”

The female company I keep wear business outfits that say “I may be female but I’m as strong as any guy in the room.”  Both drive nice cars, live in big homes, and present themselves as if Hallmark should be lucky to have their family photo on a Christmas card.  The truth is they are completely full of it and so am I.  The truth also is that all of us want to rid ourselves of the ‘it’ we’re full of but are too afraid of letting go.

My challenge to you this week is to call yourself out on something about your image you project that you know not to be true.  The speed of light is faster than the speed of sound.  Realize that your words and actions will eventually catch up to the bright light you thrust on to the rest of us.  Don’t be a walking resume that’s full of fancy words and clever descriptions that doesn’t quite measure up to the real you.  Unless you start addressing your image right now, that reflection of you we have could end up being a mirage and none of us will believe what we see, even when it finally becomes the truth!

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