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I Do Not Argue With Chairs.

My Mama would always remind me that it is silly to get upset with a chair for being a chair.  Chairs are locked into a position, do not move, do not change their positions, and most certainly prefer to be left alone than pressured.  As such, I do not recommend exhausting energy on people who are not open to accepting your Lived and Learned Experiences as real, true, and meaningful.  Let chairs be chairs and trust there are more people out there willing to join you in moving forward than staying in place.

Critical Thought Exercise; Culture & our Lived and Learned Experiences
Apology Not Necessary; Critical Thought Required
It terms of my beliefs, none of us had a choice in what era and to whom we were born.  Therefore, whenever you were born, and to what culture you were born, has absolutely played a critical role in how you see, interpret, and engage the world.  Even within homogeneous groups there exists multiple cultures.  Anyone born in the same community as me would be subject to a similar way of thinking and behaving assumed to be acceptable; regardless of race (initially).  Culture is about beliefs, rituals, relics, and behaviors, not entirely explicit of race.
When we take more time to understand Culture we can be more open to understanding how our Lived and Learned Experiences are revealing themselves at the intersections of life with others.  My Lived Experience (how I was raised where I'm from) and my Learned Experiences (what I have adopted as my truths through observation and personal witness), will either assist or hinder my ability to be open to critical thought about my beliefs and understanding in comparison to those around me.  Examine your thoughts, examine their influences, then examine your behavior.  Order Matters.
How much of your current beliefs and understanding of community relations are unique to you in comparison to those with whom you were raised?
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