Water Bottle Confidence


Self Confidence or Your Confidence?

Make no mistake about it.  While having the support and endorsement of others would make the journey more enjoyable, the lack of it should never be enough to cause you to quit.  When others won't do for you, do for yourself.

Size Matters!

Let your 'why' drive your 'how'.  Throughout my personal and professional journey, I have no shortage of decisions which impacted what I thought about myself and what others convinced themselves they think they know about me.  While I find no fault in opinions rooted in a persons experience, there is a line you can cross by placing limiting beliefs on to others.  If you run too fast, study too hard, smile too big, or serve to consistently, there will always be people that critique your method, challenge your intentions, and/or label your actions.  Their response will be more about their comfort than your truth.
I remain committed to the idea that a lack of confidence should never come from the person requiring confidence to accomplish a goal.  I believe each of us should bring whatever tools, resources, and self beliefs to the task as is required for completion.  From something as simple as the size of a water bottle to meet the demands of the weather and journey, to the amount of energy committed to mastering your craft, always remember your 'why' and let others label your 'how'.  If this Season has taught me anything about mental health, it's that on matters of survival, shame is not welcome.     
I will not die of thirst due to shame!

Upcoming Radio Show

This week we will examine the definition and concept of confidence, arrogance, and humility.  I firmly believe in all three and keep a heavy supply of all three on stand-by.  The key is knowing when, what amount, to what extent, and at what cost each should be utilized.  Join me Wednesday, May 27th at 10am CST for this brief discussion.

Leadership The Way I See It

What is your understanding of the difference between confidence and arrogance?  When have both served you well?  When have both worked against your self interests?
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