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It has been my experience that we are most likely to listen to the words of people with whom we share an experience.  The curtain has been lifted on what's real and what's not.  More importantly, it has exposed who's real and who's not.  I am not immune to the perils of this Season and yet I greet you with a smile and a feeling of hope.  Why?  Read on...   

Place Your Bets...

I once read that 'it's not till the tide rolls out that you see who's been swimming naked'.  No truer words have been spoken.  Under the cloak of quarantine rests the very core of your Soul.  Are you as smart as you preached you are?  Are you as patient as you need to be?  Are you as capable as you so often declared?  Very rarely are we put in a position to be tested in so many areas in real time.       
To be 'thankful' for this Season seems a bit blasphemous.  The incredible loss of life, hope, and stability is nothing to praise.  I find solace in the opportunity presented for you to finally be allowed to reveal your authentic self.  Circumstances turn us all into gamblers and odds-makers.  I place my bet on you.  I believe you to be smart enough, patient enough, and more than capable to see this through!   
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Step 1: Acknowledge 

The 3 month impact of this Season on the 'public stage' portion of my Practice;
  • 22 events cancelled
    • 20 cities across the Country
    • 1 trip to Military Base in Guam 
  • $67k loss revenue (and counting)

Step 2: Appreciate

I thought my way into a position of exposure and can therefore now think my way out of this position of vulnerability.  There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.  We have an opportunity to deliver the same value unhindered by the current circumstances if we reject our comfort with tradition and limiting beliefs!  If the value you add to your team, organization, or family has not evolved at this point, please do not be surprised by the change in expectations when this Season is over.  The choice to evolve is not yours and that reality will be harsh for those not paying attention.

Step 3: Move! 

Hunters hunt no matter the weather.  Feel sorry for yourself on a full belly.  Silence yourself, remember who you are, remember what you do, remember why you do it, regardless of the noise, and handle your business.  You WILL survive this!  

Service Over Self

In addition to serving as Principal/Founder of Kelly Leadership Group, I am also humbled by the call to serve in the following capacities;

SENG Board Director; President-Elect; International Affiliate Liaison;

ACLU Board Director for State of Wisconsin; Finance Committee Member;

Fire & Police Commissioner for Village of Howard, Wisconsin; 

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