Running To or Running From?


Watch Where You're Going!

Oh the things we say when we have the privilege of being able to focus on the road ahead without concern of what is going on in the past.  Black History is ripe with lessons of survival, determination, stamina, and endurance.  In order to appreciate them however, you must first reflect on your own story of goal achievement and success.

Pretty or Purpose

I often say 'let your why drive your how'.  The simple point I am making is that when your motivation is strong enough, you will lose interest in caring what you look like while completing the goal.  Black History Month is an excellent time reflect on this lesson.
Be mindful of when your privilege injects itself into your thinking.  If you are distracted by how a person looks upon arrival at the finish line, you clearly had no clue (or interest) in the obstacles and distance along the way.  My shoes tell a different story than my resume.
Running 'From' Something Requires Another Gear (and you have it)

Evolving The Narrative

Many of you followed along my journey of completing Law Enforcement Academy.  My goal was not 'simple'.  In order to be a better community partner with Law Enforcement I had to first humble myself to become a better Witness.  I have now added this experience to my radio show where my Brother in the Sheriff's Office and I reflect, explore, and examine how Law Enforcement must also humble itself to be a better Witness for the community.  

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