Loss Aversion


Your Desk Is Not Your Blankie

There is no shame in holding on to something long past it's useful life because of an emotional attachment.  Your instant rejection of something of equal or greater value because of you won't let go of the old however, is going to be a key contributor to the anxiety you have adjusting to your return to the office.

Life Lesson Utilizing Economic Principles
It is not fun to be in a relationship with someone that can't let go of what they lost in a previous partner.  It is not fun to give someone a gift that only focuses on a similar gift they had or already possess.  It is definitely not fun to lead a person or team that has no intention of letting go of the way things used to be.  When you reject something of equal or greater value, it is a clear indication of both your personal attachment and sense of ownership you either believe you have with people or things, or have been falsely lead to believe you had all along.  
Loss Aversion is an economics term that refers to a our preference to avoid losing rather than gain the equivalent amount.  Typically this is explained using a bottle of wine; you place more value on to the wine you purchased for yourself rather than the same bottle of wine given as a gift.  For your consideration, this may also apply to the work environment you left and what it will look like when you return.  From desk placement and peer interaction, to cafeteria seating and customer engagement, how you receive and interpret the change matters.  I accept that babies want their blankie.  You are not a baby.   
I can't be the only one that won't let go of a favorite shirt, can I?
What necessary adjustments in the workplace are you least looking forward to having to adopt?
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