Reckless Empathy Is Not Leadership!  

Not knowing what to do and deciding to do nothing yields a very different outcome than thinking you know what to and making decisions rooted in arrogance rather than experience.  Neither approach is appropriate though both share a common solution; Look up and plan for what you can reasonably anticipate will happen next!

Critical Thinking; You are perfectly designed for ....?

We are navigating unprecedented times for what I have experienced in my lifetime.  I have never experienced a pandemic and I am not old enough to have experienced an authentic civil rights movement.  I am observing our current response to both and witnessing the results of panic and arrogance.  With respect to Culture and Diversity, I believe organizations are doing what they believe is best with good intentions.  I am however concerned about what appears to be panic button decisions rather than well designed culture shifting strategies.  Now is the time for humility.
Asking for employee feedback without a plan to respond to it, is like shaking trees not knowing what will fall out.  Organizing spaces for authentic dialogue without a clear response plan is reckless at best and leadership self-sabotage at worst.  Hiring a seasoned race car driver but not providing the car or crew makes little to no sense.  Hiring a Diversity and Inclusion specialist at the executive level without providing the commitment and tools to shift culture is a design doomed from the start.  We thought our way into a design that got us into this mess.  It is time to think our way out of it.    
I am not afraid of feedback.  I am afraid of leopards disguised as feedback...

Not So Shameless Plug

I can do A LOT in 90 minutes via webinar and I'm humbled by the 22 organizations in the past 2 months that have retained me to start the discussion on how to respond to what is happening in the world around us and how we should be addressing it within organizations.  I can also tell you that committing to a relationship with me is cheaper than losing a relationship with those already committed to you.  A sincere thank you to the organizations that I have not just partnered with but solidified a relationship of shared responsibility and accountability.

Under what conditions are you most likely to give your most honest and truthful feedback?  Under what conditions are you most likely to do something with the honest and truthful feedback received?
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