Earn Deserve Entitle


Critical Thinking Exercise.

There are certain things we tend to demand from family, peers, and strangers alike.  Concepts like Respect, Love, Patience, and Understanding are only as meaningful as the shared definition.  What you believe you have earned, deserve, are entitled to, and owed may not be seen the same by those from whom you expect such things and therefore fall short of your expectations.  

My goal for sharing this message with you is simple(ish).  This past year displayed no shortage of examples of what happens when we do not share the same understanding of terms and concepts (Respect, Right, Matter, and Patriot, just to name a few).  On this first day of Black History Month I invite you to think for yourself, drawing from your own experiences, and reframe what it is you believe you are seeing, hearing, and witnessing in the Community.  Black History after all is OUR History (yours and mine).  Like it or not, we are indeed 'All In This Together'.  (So too was everyone on the Titanic.  Can we agree not everyone shard the same experience?)  
Think, Inquire, Think, Respond, Repeat
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