Cost of Success


Is Your Goal Costing You Enough?  Probably Not.

I am of the opinion that people are more likely to succeed when they understand what it will cost them not to achieve their goals rather than what they will gain when success is achieved.  Quiet your mind and critically think through the budget of what your future can afford.

Weighing The Cost

It has been my experience that there is a cost to pay for success.  The cost in my case was measured in time, resources, relationships, and mental health.  While I do not regret any of my decisions that have lead to my opinion of personal successes, the reflection of the cost does give me pause.  Does is sound cool to say you have more than 5 college degrees?  Of course.  Can you empathize with the loss of a 'social life' that comes with that consistent 10+ year commitment?  Most cannot.  Can I rationalize why it was all worth it in the end?  Of course.  With a daughter graduating from high school and on her way to college, was it worth all the time I missed witnessing her growth from a little girl to a young woman.  Nope.
In reflection, if there is one thing I've learned on my journey, it's that we can all afford to be successful.  Some of us will look at the cost of goal achievement and believe it to be too great a sacrifice of resources (mental, physical, and emotional).  Others will embrace the cost of success as the price to pay for putting yourself first. Our decision on whether or not to absorb the cost is rooted in our lived and learned experiences.  As such, I recommend that you not allow the opinion or limitations place on you by others to be the deciding factor on what you are willing to do to give your best self to the world around you.  It is not selfish to accept that the best you have to give is the best you were committed to being. 
My Mental Health Is More Valuable Than The Cost Of Goal Achievement

Let's Talk About It

Join me this Thursday, May 14th, 10AM CST for a LIVE discussion on the impact of the costs I am willing to pay to achieve my goals.  Though my experiences were unique to my story, there may be something in it for you to meditate on as you decide your next move.

Leadership The Way I See It
It cost you something to be who you are today.  Does that cost reflect what you did or what you avoided in order to live the life you live right now?
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