Awkward Reunions


Earn vs Deserve vs Entitled.

From the grades we receive from our teachers in school, to the merit increase we receive from our supervisor at work, the root of acceptance or rejection can be rooted in our understanding of the 'contract' between us.  This conflict may also rooted in our understanding of what his happening in the world today from a Global Pandemic to the demands for Social Justice.  As is always the case, I challenge you to think first, articulate your understanding rooted in your experience, and be ready to receive another interpretation of the same concept.

Earn vs Deserve vs Entitled; Know the difference to feel the difference.

Weekly Radio Show

This week we'll be briefly discussing how to handle the awkward reunion with coworkers who's public posts and communications left you unsure of how to coexist when quarantine restrictions are lifted.  Join me on Wednesday, June 10th, 10am CST.

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